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Hello!  Chances are, if you are reading this, you are in need of a prenatal massage therapist. Well, good job mama; it's time to spoil yourself! I applaud you on your decision to give yourself a much-needed mommy massage!

I am happy to announce that I now offer Arvigo® Techniques of Maya Massage for pregnancy!  The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Massage® – This is a simple and wildly effective massage originating from traditional Central American midwives, brought to us by Dr. Rosita Arvigo.  The massage tonifies the uterine muscles, causing them to coordinate well during labor, and after the birth to prevent hemorrhage. The massage may also increase the number of receptors to accept the powerful contracting hormones delivered from that ancient part of your brain. During the massage, the uterus is aligned within the pelvic bowl, helping the baby pick a good position for the birth, and also virtually eliminates mysterious pains some women experience as their uterus grows.  The lower back and pelvic bones are also aligned so that the nervous system can communicate well with the uterus.  The massage changes as you advance through the pregnancy, to meet the changing needs of the childbearing woman.  With amazing frequency, women who receive the course of massages pass through active dilation phase in less than 2 hours, and push more effectively!  With a labor so efficient, there is less strain on the baby, thus a reduced risk for cesarean.  You meet your baby triumphant, with energy in the bank.  And while childbirth may still be painful, it is only one short moment out of your life.  The benefits to being fully connected to the experience include a renewal of faith in yourself and to life, and your capacity to live it well.  

Our bodies carry all our emotions, in addition to creating a fragile new life. The more you are able to relieve those stresses, let go of those emotions, and relieve the tension your body carries; the better it is for that wonderful baby growing inside of you (and you, of course!).


*In-Home visits available for postpartum massage $100

**In-Home infant massage instruction available for $35


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