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Our Body is our one and only for this life time. What we put in, on the daily shows up in all areas of our life.

Life is busy, stress levels are higher and people are not sleeping the best they can. There is more and more disease and illness and sadly 80% of the food available is not what is used to be and not pure.

Our body requires, clean, easy, unadulterated, bio-available  nutrients and water to thrive the best way possible. When we put clean fuel (food) into our body, detox parasites and environmental chemicals that have accumulated in our system over years we start to feel alive again, increasing our vitality, love, desires and potential for the greatest Life we can live Now and for the future allowing us to then have energy to support our loved ones.

My approach towards nutrition combines my desire to help people and a passion for food.  It is my goal to guide each individual to better health, using a holistic, whole foods approach. Our bodies are self-healing.  I will teach you how to heal yourself. A holistic outlook includes not only what you eat, but lifestyle habits as well, such as exercise. A whole foods perspective is based on the belief that food consumed in its most natural, least refined state offers far more nutrients than a more processed form.

What you eat affects your health on many different levels. I recognize that each person is different in life experience with food and health, which is reflected by my individualized counseling sessions. Each session  is tailored to meet your specific nutrition goals based on your unique profile. I focus on setting practical and reasonable goals to help you achieve your highest potential of good health.

I believe the way to reach ultimate long-term success comes from a collaborative effort from myself and the client. As part of my holistic approach, I believe in empowering each individual by encouraging you to take an active role in your health.  It is this inspiration from within that leads the way to optimum health!

By applying a whole foods approach to your eating habits and addressing other lifestyle patterns significant changes in your quality of life will take place. I take great pleasure guiding individuals to a life of better health, while opening up a world of new tastes, smells, and textures that nature has to offer. My deep passion for food combined with my knowledge of nutrition, brings a delightful enthusiasm behind a myriad of wholesome, colorful and delectable meal ideas that inevitably springs forth during a session.  

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