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Investing in massage is an investment in your health.  Massage goes far beyond helping you to relax.  Though massage can help relax and de-stress you, it can also improve circulation, lower blood pressure, improve flexibility and help you to focus better.  Regular massage sessions can help improve overall health in mind and body.


Price List  

Swedish/Relaxation Massage      60 minutes   $65
                                                           90 minutes   $95
Hot Stone Massage                          60 minutes   $80
                                                            90 minutes  $110
Sports Massage                                 60 minutes   $65
                                                              90 minutes  $95
Prenatal Massage                              60 minutes  $65
                                                              90 minutes  $95
Reflexology                                          20 minutes $25
                                                              60 minutes $60
Arvigo® Technique of Maya Abdominal Therapy
Initial session $150   Follow-up Sessions $90
Postpartum In-home massage $100 within 10 miles of studio
Castor Oil Packs Add-on    $20
Vaginal Steam   30 Minutes  $35
Vaginal Steam with massage  60 Minutes  $75

Loyalty Program - Once you have come in for 6 massages, the 7th one will be free!  Be sure to ask for your loyalty card!*

Nutrition Plans    The first meeting is an important time for me to get to know you and all aspects of your nutritional  health. Our first  meeting will include a series of questions and your nutritional concerns will be addressed; specific goals will be established.

We do this by: 

  • Palpation exam and/or 24 hour urine analysis to find what organs/systems are in stress

  • Teaching you how your body (and the food you put in it) works

  • Suggesting diet/ lifestyle changes

  • Offering you a variety of options to help restore balance and health including:

    • Loomis' plant enzymes

    • Organic whole-food supplements 

    • Natural hormone replenishment

    • Organic herbal formulas 


Each follow-up appointment will focus on the development of your initial concerns and will guide you  through the new changes in your nutritional health. I have found the best progress takes place with clients who commit to a minimum of three appointments. This allows a sufficient and reasonable amount of time to utilize my support in order to make significant progress toward your  nutrition and lifestyle goals.


Initial visit:          1 hour $80                                      

Follow-up visit:    15 Minutes $20


*Cannot be combined with other offers or packages


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