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"I came to get a massage because my neck was really stiff when I woke up one morning.  After my massage, it was much better, almost back to normal.  The massage really helped!"     Beth S.

I had a Mayan abdominal massage with Carol after two months of unsuccessfully trying to get pregnant. I was very intrigued by the idea of healing my body naturally as the first step. While we tend to do everything else to prepare us for pregnancy (taking prenatal vitamins, eating right, exercise), we tend to forget about the actual vehicle for housing the baby for 9 months! The Mayan abdominal massage seemed like a good thing to try before seeking out other methods to help my fertility.

Well it worked! I was pregnant just a few weeks later! The massage itself wasn't strange- it was gentle and soothing and I was able to relax and let Carol and my body do the work. I left the studio with a sense of calm and healing. She also gave me some self-massage techniques so I could continue on my own at home.

Carol was great at talking me through the process and easing any fears I had. She's a great resource and I'd definitely recommended this massage!





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